Dr. Stephanie Lockshin

Training/Clinical Experience

Dr. Lockshin is a licensed psychologist in the state of New York. She attended graduate school at Binghamton University and earned her PhD in 1995. Binghamton University is a strongly behavioral program that trains its students in behavior therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. During graduate school, Dr. Lockshin received training and supervision in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders with children and adults, autism spectrum disorders, children with learning and behavior problems, and psychological and neuropsychological assessment. Dr. Lockshin completed her clinical internship at Hutchings Psychiatric Center in Syracuse, New York where she received additional training in outpatient settings with children, adolescents, and adults.

Dr. Lockshin’s work history includes directing clinical services at the Children’s Unit for Treatment and Evaluation at Binghamton University (a state approved special education program that provides services for young children with disabilities and school-aged children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders), employment as a neuropsychologist at Binghamton General Hospital, and part-time private practice in Apalachin, New York since 2004. Prior to attending graduate school in clinical psychology, Dr. Lockshin earned a master’s degree in Special Education. She worked for several years in a self-contained classroom for children with autism, supervised educational staff in the implementation of applied behavior analysis, and worked extensively with families who had children with autism spectrum disorders and severe emotional and behavioral problems.

Dr. Lockshin received board certification as a behavior analyst in 2002. Although she does not provide ABA services in her private practice, she does incorporate important elements from this methodology in her assessment and treatment of clinical problems.

Dr. Lockshin has co-authored book chapters in the field of autism on topics including differential diagnosis and preschool and school age programs for children diagnosed with autism. She has also presented papers at professional conferences on a variety of topics in the field of autism and developmental disabilities that have included decreasing fear of medical procedures, strategies for managing anxiety and treating specific phobias, goal selection and IEP development, helping parents become effective consumers of services for children with autism spectrum disorder, reducing problem behaviors by teaching language/communication skills, teaching social skills, assessment in food refusal, and parent wellness.  Dr. Lockshin has also co-authored two books for parents of children with autism spectrum disorders that focus on strategies that parents can use to support their child’s growth and development and balance family needs. In addition, she coauthored The Individualized Goal Selection Curriculum. This curriculum is widely used both nationally and internationally in educational programs that provide services to children with autism spectrum disorders.

My Clinical Approach and Practice

Behavioral principles guide my decision-making in my clinical work. I use a variety or behavior therapies including cognitive behavior therapy, exposure therapies, and acceptance and commitment therapy in my practice. I regularly participate in continuing educational seminars to maintain my board certification in behavior analysis and to update my knowledge about treatment of adult and childhood disorders.

I provide services to children, adolescents, and adults. I routinely accept referrals for children and adolescents with a broad range of behavior problems and mood disorders (e.g., oppositional/defiant problems, specific fears, obsessive compulsive disorder, toileting issues, and impulse control problems). I also see families who have children with autism spectrum disorders. Treatment targets often involve helping parents manage behavioral issues and improve self-care and social functioning. The majority of adults that I see are struggling with mood issues.

I reserve a small portion of my practice for psycho-educational assessments including ADHD evaluations and learning disability evaluations for school-age children.

I am currently a provider for the following insurance/managed care companies:

CIGNA, Excellus, Blue Cross Blue Shield, POMCO, RMSCO, UBH , VBH-NYS, and VBH-CDPHP.  However, if you do not see your company on this list it would be worthwhile checking their provider lists or calling the office in order to be certain. I also accept private pay.