Dr. Edward Kamin


Dr. Kamin attended The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., earning his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology in 1983. During his studies he was awarded a National Institute of Mental Health Fellowship, engaging in clinical training and neuropsychological research at the Washington Veterans Administration Hospital. His Clinical Internship was in Community Mental Health, in Oakland, California. He has been licensed to practice in New York since 1985. He has served on the Clinical Staff at the Guthrie Medical Center, where he also obtained a research grant to study clinical group dynamics. He practiced for ten years with the Rochester Medical Group, where he also served as Chief of the Department of Psychological Services. During that time, he also served as Chief of Psychological Services for the Excellus Blue Cross and Blue Shield HMO, Group Health. And, he served as a Clinical Consultant to the Student Counseling Services at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Since Dr. Kamin and his family returned to the Binghamton area in 1994, he has continued both his consulting and his clinical practice. He served for two years as Chief of the Psychology Section,  at Lourdes Hospital. He has provided consultant  services to various organizations and agencies in this area, on clinical, organizational, administrative and human services matters. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Kamin  currently serves as a Medical Consultant to both New York State and Federal Government Agencies.

Clinical Practice

Dr. Kamin’s clinical formulations are grounded in the theoretical system termed Ego-Analytic Psychology. In practice, this translates to making an assessment of the client’s emotional and psychological strengths, and bringing them to bear on the presenting problem. In the course of treatment, more effective strategies are developed and implemented for addressing the external stressors and/or internal conflicts with which the client is struggling. This process typically employs elements of multiple therapeutic techniques, including cognitive-behavioral, insight-oriented, interpersonal, behavioral, teaching/training, and problem-focused approaches. Treatment may also include collaboration with the Primary Care Physician or a Psychiatrist, if the client agrees that medication might be helpful.

Dr. Kamin treats Adolescents (ages 16 and up),  and Adults (from young to aged). Treatment is usually individual. However, with the client’s agreement, parents, spouses, or other family members may be included, as clinically indicated. Marital and Couples counseling is also provided. The most commonly treated disorders in both adolescents and adults are Depressive and Anxiety Disorders. School and work stress and adjustment issues are commonly seen, as well as interpersonal relationship issues. 

Smaller, but significant portions of Dr. Kamin’s practice also include treatment of patients with  chronic medical conditions and chronic pain.

Regarding insurance coverage, Dr. Kamin is a preferred provider with virtually all insurers/managed care companies providing insurance in this area of New York State and Pennsylvania. He is also a preferred provider with Medicare, and with both New York and Pennsylvania Workers’ Comp. For details on your insurance coverage, please contact the office manager.